Friday, December 7, 2007

Google Challenge: Round 1

Challenge #1:

How old are the members of the punk rock band MXPX?

This question arose after an amazing OBEY warehouse sale with my fellow design students, Neil Favila and Sarah Day. We were rembering old times as we sang to the MXPX classics while sitting in traffic on the 57. The commetn came up that they were as old as Green Day. Well turns out the singer for Green Day is 35, born 1972 ( and the whole band of MXPX is 31, at age 20 they shared a stage with the Sex Pistols @ Seattle's 1996 Bumbershoot festival (

Conclusion: MXPX isnt as old as Green Day, but pretty dang close. Just 4 years difference. So when the singer for Green Day was graduating, MXPX was just getting into high school. I win sarah!


Will said...

I just saw MxPx in concert about two weeks ago in West Hollywood. Yes, they are certainly "older" now, but man, they still put on an amazing show. They are so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Dang it Joel, you win but I almost won. 4 years is pretty close.