Thursday, July 26, 2007


Round 1

So, last week I applied for a graphic design position at O'neil Surfboards, due to a reference I got from a lady at church. This position was for the Assistant Board Short Designer. I sent my resume and portfolio and then waited curiously for a reply. The next day, I recieved an email glorifying my nice designs and how much talent I have. The head designer was impressed at my portfolio, yet there was only one problem. A Degree. There was some miscommunication somewhere, and my referense was under the impression that I had my BA already. So basically they would have hired me, but they can't cuz I dont have a degree yet. Its like credit......its impossible.... you supposed to get credit by buying stuff with a credit card, but you cant get a credit caard without credit. Im supposed to have experience to get a job but I cant get a Job without experience. FRUSTRATED!!!!!

Round 2

So, also applied at C28/NOTW when I applied for O'Neil. Thoght I would give it a try considering I had all my portfolio together. Sent the email and never heard anything. Today, I got a call from them and they wanted me to come buy. To make a long story short, they loved my work (like O'Neil) but cant hire me becuse I cant work full time.


Im sick of being good enough to have a job but not getting because of stupid legistical things. Just want to take my designs and do someting for myself. Forget corporate!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

8 hours later and a day at the auto shop.....

So I got away from the hussle and bussle of my crazy summer schdule this weekend. Spent three days up in santa cruz with my family. After fun at the beach and a hike in the redwoods, I got to visit my sisters church where my brother-in-law just got a new job. It was nice not to have to worry about what was going on, on a sunday morning. Worship was great as always (thanks bobby) and then we spent the rest of the day waling around the santa cruz board walk. We ate a huge dinner and then it was go time. (That was the fun part..... here comes the not so fun part)

Sadly, this meant Erica and I had a 7 hour drive which put us home around 3am. I surived by downing a total of two Monster Energy Drinks, one 5 Hour Energy shot, and at 42oz coke. Pretty much strung out on caffinee, but we got home saftely. After a nice 3 hour sleep, I woke up and got my car fixed... well at least tried. Sat in a dingy auto repair shop looking at dated magazines for 6 hours, only to learn that they didn't get al the necessary parts. One day wasted and still dont know how to get to work tomorrow. :(

Yet, inspite of the long drives and lame cars, the weekend was supper relazing and definetly what I needed.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Get out of dodge!

Cant wait to get out of the heat. Going up to Santa Cruz to go camping with my familt for the weekend w/ my new fiancee. Get to see my sister and my brother in law, not to forget my adorable nephew, Kaleb. Sick of summer school. Somebody shoot me.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Proposal Pics...

1st Blog

So, I basically joined this blog revolution along side my Sister and Brother-In-Law due to constant nagging and from them and a slight interest in this odd cult like monster. I actually have plenty to "blog" about due to the recent doors that have been opened in my crazy life. For the sake of carpal tunnel I will summarize them into three simple points.

1. Wife
2. Thailand
3. 2//12

1. Basically I have now been engaged for two weeks. I did the deed at my favorite beach, Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, after a hot day at Sea World and a scrumpsous dinner at La Fondue. I had my dear friend Kenny set up a canvas on an easel on the point around sun set. The canvas had a big black cloth draped over it and it was waiting for us after dinner. I walked her down to the beach and blindfolded her so she couldnt see what was coming. I walked her to the point and explained that I made something for her for "her new house." (Litttle did she know that I was completely lying). I took off the blindfold and she pulled back the cloth. As she pulled back the cloth and I went down on one knee behind her, she read the sign taped on top of the canvas that said "Will You Marry Me?" She wouldnt turn around because she almost passed out (yeah Im that good). As she caught her breath I read some thought out words and we starred at her new ring (and my new debt). we are completely stoked and plan on getting maried Sept 08'. See you there.

2. Just got funded $1,300 to go to Surin, Thailand on a design project with CSUSB. I will be there 20 day designing packaging and identities for their silk, tea, coffee, and wine. Totally excited. I leave Sept 9 (after I get back from two weeks in Maui) and will get back around the 30th. Keep you updated.

3. Lastly, no so exciting, but Ive been wanting to do this forever. I am officially and legally Joel Beukelman doing business as Two of Twelve Art and Design. got my fcticous Business Name. Done!