Thursday, July 26, 2007


Round 1

So, last week I applied for a graphic design position at O'neil Surfboards, due to a reference I got from a lady at church. This position was for the Assistant Board Short Designer. I sent my resume and portfolio and then waited curiously for a reply. The next day, I recieved an email glorifying my nice designs and how much talent I have. The head designer was impressed at my portfolio, yet there was only one problem. A Degree. There was some miscommunication somewhere, and my referense was under the impression that I had my BA already. So basically they would have hired me, but they can't cuz I dont have a degree yet. Its like credit......its impossible.... you supposed to get credit by buying stuff with a credit card, but you cant get a credit caard without credit. Im supposed to have experience to get a job but I cant get a Job without experience. FRUSTRATED!!!!!

Round 2

So, also applied at C28/NOTW when I applied for O'Neil. Thoght I would give it a try considering I had all my portfolio together. Sent the email and never heard anything. Today, I got a call from them and they wanted me to come buy. To make a long story short, they loved my work (like O'Neil) but cant hire me becuse I cant work full time.


Im sick of being good enough to have a job but not getting because of stupid legistical things. Just want to take my designs and do someting for myself. Forget corporate!!!

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Rachel said...

Bummer! But also so excited to see what cool job you are going to get when you do have your degree and can work full time! You are amazingly talented and I feel so lucky to be your sis. (and thanks for blogging - i've missed you)