Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pumping Iron

So just started working out at LA Fitness and absolutely love it. I work out three times a week before work (but have to take showers there......lots of naked old guys), and also have been lifting with my friend Kenny and Erica after work whenever we can. So just a warning...Im going to be ripped come fall so don't act so suprised when you see me next.

Also... we are going to start playing racket ball.....totally excited. PEACE and LOVE


Rachel said...

sounds fun. can't wait to see you - you'll probably be WAY buff by then! And hey - what's up with dad's blog??? get him to post!

Erik and Bet said...

Hey Joel!
Erik and I started playing raquetball last fall. It is uber fun. It makes a lot of sense here in Illinois because of the sucky winters. Fun activities that get you in shape indoors are hard to come by and much needed. Glad you are having fun!