Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Google Challenge #2

So, if you have b een watching the vlogs from thailand, you will know neil and issued a google challenge (a.k.a G.C.) about the classification of different candies. the discussion started about whether or not Airhead candy was considered taffy. then it migrated to the discussion of whether a Startburst is considered taffy. Lastly, even if Airheads and Starbursts are taffy, what the heck would you classify a Skittle?

So we initiated the google challenge and here is what we came up with...

1. As you can see below, Airheads are explicitly classified as a taffy.

2. There is a classification in which neil and i were ignorant of, namely "Fruit Chews." Which both Starbursts and Skittles fall under. Case closed!

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