Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nice design...Uncomfortable idea?

So I have been following many design blogs daily and came across this post this morning. You can read all the details below, but basically some amazing architects redesigned an old Reformed Church into a place of worship for any theist. Im not sure how I feel about the idea of have a worship place for anyone and everyone, but the architecture of this place is amazing. I don't think I'm ready to share my church with a bunch of Hindu's and Buddhists!?

"New Multi-faith Place of Worship by Theis and Khan Architects to Open for Whole Community. An exquisitely designed new multi-faith centre for worship and contemplation by Theis and Khan Architects will open in the New Year.

Created within the shell of an existing 1960s United Reformed church, lumen will be used regularly for Christian services as well as offering an open invitation to people of all faiths to use the spaces. The site has a rich history. The 1960s church replaced an older church, which was bombed during the Second World War, and backs on to an ancient burial ground for the people of Bloomsbury, now called St. George's Gardens.

There are three main elements to the redesign: a cafe clearly visible from the street through a dramatic 8m high window, a new sacred space for contemplation within the main body of the church and a new extension housing three community spaces. The new sacred space, known as the Shaft of Light is central to the design.

A large-scale intervention, rendered in white, is a spectacular conical, shell-like space, which reaches through the full 11 meters height of the building to a single roof-light. The Shaft of Light offers people from any faith or belief a secluded area for worship or for private gatherings.The quality of the light inside the space subtly changes, depending on the weather and time of year, adding to the sense of peace and separation from the bustle of the outside world."

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