Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making Upgrades

So I finally sold my beloved Yamaha Stage Custom. (R.I.P) However, with the cash I received I upgraded my camera body that is. I found it on craigs list and got a great deal on it. Came with the battery grip and an 8gig CF Card. The nice man, Mario, who sold it to me was a photo journalist from L.A. who just moved to Lake Elsinore. He apparently has about 4 5D's and wanted to get rid of some dead weight. I gladly took it off his hands.

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Jacob Mariano said...

You suck! JK. Congrats man. I'm still riding with my 30D! RRRRRR! As soon as I can we are upgrading to the 5D Mark II....that'll show just finished the Bridal Expo at the fairgrounds up here...we booked three weddings so far for the year and heard some positive feedback from some hopefuls. It was the first REAL promotion of ourselves we have done, and it seemed to paid off. So keep some sorta show in your area in mind if you are wanted to expose yourself to brides (not like that sicko) and get some weddings book. I'm sure an expo in your area would be nicer than the desert one anyway. Peace and love bro.