Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pepsi Appiffany

So after a 2.5 hour meeting with a client about Rebanding and Brand Integration, I had an appiffany. As I was loading the office fridge with Pepsi, I realized that what I had been talking about to a client for 2 hours was materializing right in front of me.

- 1st that rebranding is vital in the success of a company's survival over generational and social trends (Duh, both Wal-mart and Pepsi did this year). Obviously if you have watched tv or walked through grocery store, you see the change.

- 2nd that when rebanding an already established brand, slow integration is crucial. As I was loading the fridge I noticed that the packaging of the Pepsi 12 Pack was suited up with the fresh new brand. However, the cans inside still had the old logo and packaging. Therefore, even Pepsi, had a caliber of integration with the new brand and is still making a slow transition (& probably getting rid of old supply).

- 3rd that when the new rebrand is integrated, it is also vital that the consumer market and the product's/company's clientele are given an explanation and notification of the progression. I went Pepsi's website and noticed the have a whole page showing the "Yesterday" & "Today" of Pepsi. They even showed the old brands going back to 1898. The site also had flash animations showing the old mark transforming into the new mark accompanied with quotes like "We celebrate tomorrow, but honor yesterday." Obviously, they aren't hiding the change.....