Friday, March 20, 2009

Meet Priscilla....

So this past week I was lucky enough to land a great deal on new set if wheels. The whole process kind of snuck up on me. It all started when my old Scion xB (R.I.P.) had a blowout on the 215 and tore off my rear bumper. After getting a new tire and talking to my mechanic about all the necessary repairs this year, I decided it wasn't worth investing the money. Thank God Craigs List is around, because I was able to sell me car in 24 hours (..and for twice as much as the dealer was willing to give me). Once I parted was with the xB, my hunt for a new car began.

I was looking for a couple of different cars, but the Mini Cooper (with its style, affordable price, and great gas mileage) grabbed my attention and wouldn't let me go. Of course, it is a great time to buy (the dealerships are giving stuff away) so we landed a deal that evening. I officially named her Priscilla yesterday and would love to introduce you to her you whenever we see you next.

BTW, my partner in crime Kenny also got one this week (weird), so we did an extremely lame shoot with both our cars. The pictures came out good though.


bobby said...

I believe matching cars officially qualifies as a bromance. ;)

photoqueen said...

Hey Joel, I haven't looked at your stuff in a while...great job. It's so fun to have watched your talent bloom. Also congrats on the 5D. Don't you love it.
I like the layout of the blog. How did you do that? I like how your images are larger. Keep up the good work.

Jacob Mariano said...

So you betrayed our kind... it's cool though I understand. Although I will say once you and Erica start popin' out some mini-yous the MINI cooper won't be so practical. (I'm just trying to make me feel better about my aging xB).

Also, I wrote you an email so let me know if you got it.